Christina Denmead

My Top 5 Shoes

Christina Denmead
My Top 5 Shoes

Anyone that knows me will know of my passionate love of heels!

Today I am sharing with you my top 5 staple shoes I have in my collection.

1. The Black Wedge

Every lady needs a classic black wedge in their collection. Versatile, comfortable and easy to dress up or down.  I wear mine to work, for a dressy weekend look or to any events such as wedding, charity event or dinner out.  When I am not sure what shoes to wear the black wedge will always look great.

2. The Nude Heel

Like the black wedge the nude heel is a staple.  It goes with any outfit for any occasion.  You will only need to buy one pair of nude heels and I picked these up about 5 years ago for $49 and I am still loving them.

3. The Bright Shoe.

You need a bright heel in your collection to add that something extra to any outfit.  These lovely ones while stunning are rather painful for long periods of time so I like to wear them to events where I mainly will be seated.   Although beauty is pain....

4. The Casual Wedge

These are pretty up there with one of my all time favourite shoes to wear!  So comfortable, so affordable and so many looks you can create with them.  They are low enough to be able to wear them all day but they can also can be dressed up easily.

5. The Fabulous Shoe

These darlings are my all time favourite shoe!  Gifted to me by a very exceptional lady before she passed away they have a special meaning.  These heels have such a wow factor I like to wear them with quite a simple outfit as these grab all the attention.

I hope you have enjoyed my top 5 shoes - let me know if you want to see what outfits I style these with.

Christina xx