Christina Denmead

Why you never see me looking on trend

Christina Denmead
Why you never see me looking on trend

You may be a little surprised by this title but stay tuned to see my top 5 reasons I don't keep up with what is on trend!

1. Colours 

Everyone is a different seasonal colour; winter, summer, autumn and spring and so often there will only be a few colours on trend.  At the moment autumn colours are everywhere and for me these colours wash me out.  I don't keep up with the colour trends because not all the colours suit me.

2. Shapes

Often the cuts and styles that are on trend will only look great on a few body types.  I am not going to go out wearing a crop top for example just because it is in fashion if I don't look and feel fabulous in it.

3. Costs

To keep up with the latest styles that come out every few months it costs a lot of money.  I prefer to buy timeless pieces that I can continue to wear for years.

4. Personal Style

Often what is on trend and in stores does not line up with my personal style - I would never wear half of the things that come into fashion so why waste money adding things to my wardrobe that I do not like.

5. Contentment 

I think this is a huge one.  It is very easy to become discontented with your wardrobe when new colours and styles are coming out every few months. To avoid this trap, I just accept that I won't keep up with the trends and be content with who I am and my personal style.

Now I do say all of this but I am not legalistic about it.  If something comes on trend that I actually do like and does suit me of course I will buy it!  The great thing about fashion is that everyone has the opportunity to be unique and wear what they feel confident in but that also means that we cannot pass judgement on each other - some people will love to keep up with what is on trend and others won't so it is important to be considerate.

Total outfit cost:$50 (no kidding!)