Christina Denmead

Outfit of the Day | Work

Christina Denmead
Outfit of the Day | Work

I have kept todays look fairly clean, monochrome and simple.  I work in a office during the week so it is important for me to look tidy and office appropriate.

I love this look because while at a quick glance it may look just like what everyone else is wearing at the office it is actually doing a whole lot more for me - it camouflages and highlights all the areas I want it to!

Lets start at the top!

  • I have quite broad shoulders so wearing a lower neckline gives the illusion that I am smaller than what I am
  • A tight fitting blazer will give you a more shapely sillouette - I like to buy a size too small scary I know but it maximizes your shape
  • Looser tops over the stomach area are great as they won't cling anywhere you don't want them too
  • I prefer to wear quite tight pants to draw the eye to what I am wearing on the bottom and away from  my top half where I am less confident
  • Keeping your ankles exposed also will help to draw peoples eyes down
  • You cannot go past a simple black wedge - comfortable, practical, wearable and affordable (I got these for $15!)

Total outfit cost: $105

I hope these tips about office attire have been helpful - please let me know what other looks you might want to see and feel free to fill in the contact me form if you want to chat more about how I can help you look and feel fabulous!

Love Christina x